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About Ray Sadri 

Ray is on a mission to provide laughs and entertainment through beautifully simple, silly, and often downright bonkers literature. With cats.


He has been a radio journalist, a central government Chief Press Officer, and now runs campaigns in the worlds of politics and business. He lives with his fiancé, baby boy and Norwegian Forest Cat, Mads — who naturally reigns supreme in the family. Ray has realised, after spending many years living with cats and working with politicians, that the two share a great deal in common. They can be intelligent, cunning, cute, and lethal in equal measures. It is this realisation that helped him dream up the concept of Cat Society.

A special thank you to: 

alexisemerald for the social media animations; jonwhitefm for the voice overs; Nicholas Child for the illustrations; Cornerstones Literary Consultancy and in particular Jonathan Eyers for the developmental editing; and The Book Guild for publishing Cat Society. 

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